Renewal and Application For Membership

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Membership of ASDA runs from 01 July – 30 June (ie. the financial year) each year.

If you attended the ASM you probably renewed your membership with your ASM registration.

Otherwise, to renew your membership for 2019/20 click here now: ASDA MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2019-20.

New Members: to become a new member please submit a manual new membership application found here: ASDA-NEW-MEMBERSHIP-APPLICATION

Associate members: If you are a general dental practitioner who has completed an ASDA Relative Analgesia Course in you are eligible for a complimentary period of registration as an ASDA Associate member for a one year period. To apply for this membership please use the attached form: ASDA-ASSOCIATE-MEMBERSHIP-APPLICATION

The Society promotes all areas of dentistry that relate to research, prevention, control and elimination of pain and anxiety using local analgesia, conscious sedation, pre-medication, psychological behaviour modification, and other non-pharmacologic forms of treatment.

The Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology is an Australian Dental Association Affiliated Society. Therefore to join, you must first be a member of the ADA.

Benefits of Membership:

ASDA acts to improve patient safety and comfort by supporting and promoting education in pain and anxiety control and emergency management. We also support the ongoing Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Conscious Sedation and Pain Control) at the University of Sydney.

ASDA has delegates in the ADA sub-committees and Dental Board of Australia (Conscious Sedation Committee) advocating for patient safety and the ability to practice for appropriately qualified and trained sedationists. To ensure we have a valid voice, membership and the involvement in our society of as many Endorsed Sedationists as possible is needed.