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ASDA provides a broad base of courses for general dental  teams and sedation providers.

Accreditation Update.

There has been some confusion about CPD and the requirements of the Dental Board of Australia in relation to conscious sedation and I have sought confirmation from the DBA in this matter. Firstly, all members wishing to continue practicing conscious sedation have to complete an accredited course in “medical emergencies with the sedated dental patient” and, at the moment, there are 3 courses available to endorsed sedationists for re-endorsement:

The ASDA course held in conjunction with our Annual Scientific Conference/Meeting and during the year at Westmead.

The CREST course, and

ADA(NSW)CPD Sedation re-endorsement course conducted with CENERGEX

Disclaimer: These courses are organised by independent companies and individuals and not by the ASDA and are listed here purely for the information of interested parties. The Society makes no representation concerning the courses’ contents or otherwise.

Secondly, in relation to CPD points , there is no formal requirement to complete additional CPD points in the area of sedation, however, clinicians should be doing CPD in all areas of their clinical practice, so if this includes sedation, so they should be doing CPD in sedation.

Further, if a complaint were to be received by the DBA, that member’s CPD in relation to sedation would be reviewed by the DBA.  The expectation of the DBA is that sedation clinicians would have CPD points in relation to sedation. Consequently, members are recommended to receive further CPD in sedation, for example, at the Annual Scientific Meeting of ASDA.